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Dear Parents,

I'm Suhailah. Many parents know me as the owner of the popular tuition centre called Smart Excel that serves more than 2500+ parents and students since 2013.

Over the years, we have become popular among parents as we have helped many students learn ahead of the school but most importantly, help them see improvements term by term.

If your child is currently scoring 40+, 50+, or 60+, scroll down and see how your child can start making his first steps to improvement and see BREAKTHROUGHS in his exams.

Does Any Of The Common

Challenges Below Speak To You?

-   Your child is currently scoring around 40 to 70 marks in her school tests, and you are wondering what you can do to give him the breakthrough.

- Your current tuition centre doesn't seem to be producing the improvement you expect and worse; your kid seems to be dragging his feet to lessons and don't seem to enjoy their classes.

-  Your home tutor doesn't prepare for the lessons, and just acts as a "homework supervisor" or only answers questions when asked! When what you really need is a real teacher, with structured and planned curriculum for your child!

-   You feel clueless when your child asks you about his school work, because you are no longer in-touch with the latest math syllabus, concepts and methods to use in school.

-  And The Worst Of All - your child's frustration with the subject might be growing, his confidence rapidly decreasing and his is showing signs of hating Math!

Does one or more of the above challenges resonates with you, parents? Then YOU are exactly who we are speaking to. But before we share more with you ...

We want you to know that after serving more than 2500+ students and parents ...

We Understand How You Feel !

Reasons Why All These Challenges Happen: 

(1)  Pace of Learning in School is Too Fast

Teachers are pressured to cover the syllabus, and skims through the material without students fully understanding what's going on.

(2)  Class Size in School is 1 Teacher : 40 Students

If your child is the slower one, he will definitely unable to catch up in class and forever he will be behind his friends.

(3) Many Tuition Centres Don't Have Quality Resources

Thus their worksheets are not as organised, not high in quality and simply isn't able to improve their students' grades.

(4) Part-Time Tutors are Usually Busy with their own work in Universities. Also they are students themselves, thus, they lack in real teaching experience and do not have any formal training.

That is why they usually act as "homework supervisors" and answer any questions you don't know.The BIG Problem Is - If Your Child Doesn't Know What To Ask, He Will Lose Out. PERIOD!

How We Help Your Child Improve

& Fall In Love With Learning

Today, we invite your child to come experience the SMART Lesson for himself for FREE before deciding if you'd like to sign up for lessons.

In your 120 minutes lesson, this is what you will discover:

          How tuition lessons work & its amazing role in helping students score better results in school exams

            The Proven and Tested Methods for any student (already scoring 50+ marks) to experience improvement over time.

            The “usefulness” of professionally crafted notes & worksheets that is superior to notes received in school.

            The amazing difference between a modern classroom and a “normal” one. You will see it instantly when you come down to our centres.

And much more…

Worksheets and writing materials will be provided for your first trial lesson.

Prepare for the year-end final examinations in style! Enrol your child in SMART classes and experience the difference it will make to his school life. If you’d like your child to improve, take the first step and sign up below.

Let us help jumpstart your child’s academic journey today. 

Discover The New Learning

Experience with Smart Excel

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Here's a P5 - Fraction Question Solving Word Problem Using Model Drawing in our e-Tutorial.  

SMART Workbook - The Complete Guide to Model Drawing

Central Branch

734 North Bridge Road #02-02

Second Branch

Blk 235 Yishun St 21 (Home-Based Centre)

We are above the pawn shop. 

Along Yishun Ring Road. Entrance via the car park. 

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P/S: By submitting your information in the form above, we have your permission to contact you at the information you've provided.


(1) What is the maximum class size?

Small group size of 5 students : 1 Tutor (max). 

(2) What are the qualifications of your teachers? 

Our teachers are all either NIE-Trained Ex-School Teachers, or graduate full-time tutors carefully vetted and interviewed.

(3) What are the timings for the classes like?

You may view the latest class schedule here >

(4) What do your centre cover during the lessons?

Our curriculum is based on the latest MOE syllabus, and we have an organised, well-structured manner of delivering our lessons. You may view more samples in the information package that we are able to give you.

Some Amazing Achievements

of Our Students

PLSE 2015, P5 (SA2) 55% --> PSLE A*